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All Abilities Playground - Ross Reserve

What is the All Abilities Playground?

Stage 1 of the All Abilities Playground in Ross Reserve, Noble Park is now open to the community.

The new premier All Abilities Playground has been developed by Council in partnership with the Victorian Government. The Victorian Government has provided significant funding support for this project through Sport and Recreation Victoria.

The playground, located between the Noble Park Community Centre and Noble Park Aquatic Centre, offers an inclusive experience for all, providing a play environment for a diverse range of children, youth and adults of all ages, sizes and abilities.

All people should have the ability to play and choose how they engage and challenge themselves physically, mentally and socially, regardless of their age or abilities. The term disability goes beyond those with visual and physical disabilities such as those who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids to more broadly include those people living with autism, sensory challenges, cognitive and developmental issues and complications that arise from aging.

Some children may have difficulty using or finding their way through a park or play area due to difficulties moving, seeing, reaching items, fitting into spaces, not being able to perform unaided physical tasks and not being able to use loose materials. Inclusion seeks to bring together the concepts of access, participation, equity and dignity to all users.

Discover the All Abilities Playground Equipment

Key features of the playground include:

  • Double-run flying fox that features an accessible harness seat suited to all users
  • Four in-ground trampolines located near each other, including an inclusive trampoline
  • An accessible ramp which includes slides, tunnels, two basket swings and climbing nets
  • A tower with three giant slides, a lookout, an enclosed rope net bridge and other play features
  • A five-bay swing frame, including an expression seat (combined infant and adult seat), infant seat, adult harness seat and two sling seats
  • A liberty swing
  • A roller slide
  • An accessible spinner
  • A sandpit and water play area, which is accessible and includes shade sails
  • Sensory play, including musical instruments
  • Nature play

Playground Amenities

  • The ‘home base’ area provides the main amenities including shelters/barbeques/picnic tables and seats
  • Seating is provided throughout the playground
  • The playground is fully accessible with a circuit concrete path
  • Large grassed area for picnics
  • The playground is fully fenced

Access, Parking, Public Toilet and Changing Places Facilities

  • The main carpark with accessible parking bays is located on the western side of the playground, next to the Noble Park Community Centre
  • The public toilets are located next to the playground’s main entry and are accessed from the main carpark for the playground
  • A Changing Places facility is located within the public toilet building  

Playground Themes

The environment of  ‘Red Gum Ecology’ provides the playground's overarching landscape character which connects the seven distinct play areas. The seven themes of the playground are described below.

  1. Urban Environment - As the ‘home bases’ these areas are where the main amenities such as shelters/barbeques/tables and seats will be located.
  2. Wetland Environment - This is the backdrop for nature play, quiet spaces, imaginative play, sand play, and a water play element.
  3. Creek Environment - This area has play activities involving ‘movement’ such as a flying fox, as well as providing a ‘flow’ path and connection between the two ‘home bases’.
  4. Woodland Environment - This ecology underpins the character of the area where sensory play (see, hear, touch) and exploration occurs, including tactile elements, musical play and exploration trails.
  5. Grassland Environment - This describes the open grass and kick about space of the adjoining southern lawn that located outside the playground.
  6. Ranges Environment - This area already has an existing high embankment and becomes the high point for a tower and climbing elements.
  7. Billabong/ Island Environment - With an accessible Red Gum lookout as its centre piece, this environment will include various play elements such as tunnels, slides, nets, scramble rocks and decks.

For further information about the project contact email or contact Council on 8571 1000.

Final Concept Plan

Final Concept Plan - 9MB


Stage 1 of the All Abilities Playground 

Stage 1 commenced on 2 November 2020.

Stage 1 will include a wetland zone, creek-line zone, billabong zone and the park amenities.

Thanks to our funding partners:

  • Sport and Recreation Victoria ($2 million)
  • Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions ($190,000)

Total Project Cost - $2.5 million


Proposed location

1131 Heatherton Rd, Noble Park VIC 3174, Australia