Foul is Fair by Hannah Capin

“Golden boys beware: something wicked this way comes.”

Elle and her friends are popular, beautiful, powerful girls. On Elle’s sixteenth birthday, they adorn themselves to their most shiny, glamourous selves to attend a party hosted by local school St. Andrew’s Prep. A night to remember turns into one many girls may wish to forget, but not Elle.

She vows revenge.

With strong but unexpected parallels to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Foul is Fair reads like an anthem to all girls who had their power stolen from them by the world and by sexual violence. It is a smart, sharp, and dangerous YA novel. Each character shines in clear definition, and the plot is certainly a page-turner. Combining Macbeth and the experience of being sixteen provides a melodrama that is captivating in its portrayal of power and loss and change. In her quest for revenge, Elle takes no prisoners, and every moment is filled with vengeful victory. There’s a poison to the story that infects you with Elle’s bloodlust.

Foul is fair is for everyone who has felt the anger, foulness, and unfairness of boys who can take what they want, and it shows those golden boys that there are consequences.


Foul is Fair by Hannah Capin
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