The Good Life: How to Grow a Better World by Hannah Moloney

If you are a lover of sustainability and have ideas about returning to the natural way of things, or simply to incorporate some practices to create a better world, The Good Life has practical ideas and inspiration to guide you.

Moloney is a permaculture designer and teacher and has appeared on the ABC’s Gardening Australia TV program. She is definitely a lady that walks the talk, and her book invites you into her home and lifestyle in Hobart, Tasmania. Filled with gorgeous photography and excellent tips, this book is all about the home, the most important place in your life. Discover how to feed yourself using gardening techniques, such as straw bale gardens and no-dig gardening; recipes to use excess food and how to share food with your community; learn about different types of composting with important facts about food waste and what type of animals you can keep in your backyard.

Moloney also addresses housing during the current climate emergency; showing you how to take the regenerative approach to house design and construction, types of affordable housing, and how to reduce household and greenhouse emissions for both homeowners and renters. 
Moloney’s philosophy on life shines through and lifts you up. The Good Life is not just a “how to” book but one that gives you a glimpse of simpler and better world in which to live. 


The Good Life: How to Grow a Better World by Hannah Moloney...
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