It Wasn't Meant to be Like This by Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson has a very familiar face for Australians. For many years, her face graced our TV screens every morning on Channel 9’s Today Show. 

Her fascinating memoir, It wasn’t meant to be like this, details the journalist’s life from growing up in the Sydney suburbs to co-hosting a popular morning breakfast TV show on commercial television. There are interesting anecdotes about friendships with various celebrities and some amusing personal moments throughout Wilkinson’s illustrious career.

In 2017, Australian audiences were shocked when Wilkinson was forced out of her lucrative TV co-hosting gig. Rumours of pay inequality and sexism ran rampant amidst the scandal and in this book, Wilkinson sets the rumour mill straight.

I found this book interesting in terms of learning about the processes and politics behind commercial television. I also found Wilkinson’s sense of humour endearing. Reading about her long lasting marriage to fellow journalist/author Peter FitzSimons was beautiful.

I found Wilkinson to be a great storyteller, one who sets the scenes of her anecdotes with humour and grace and reaches her own conclusions by writing in a cathartic, self-therapeutic way. Wilkinson takes the reader along with her on this journey through her own breakthrough moments.

It wasn’t meant to be like this is available through our library catalogue on BorrowBox as an eBook and also on our shelves.


It Wasn't Meant to be Like This by Lisa Wilkinson
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