No! Never! : A Cautionary Tale by Libby Hathorn and Lisa Hathorn-Jarman

There was a child,

The sweetest ever,

Until she learned these words:


Georgie is a sweet little girl until she suddenly discovers that she can answer ‘No. Never.’ to everything and anything and get away with it. Doesn’t matter if she likes it (Storytime) or hates it (cleaning up), she can just bring out her new favourite phrase and do whatever she likes.

However, the tables are turned when her parents start using it on her.  It’s not so fun when she’s the one being told no.

No! Never! is a cute look at the Terrible Twos from mother-daughter team Libby Hathorn and Lisa Hathorn-Jarman, with debut illustrator Mel Pearce. Perfect for any parent dealing with tantrums, defiant behaviour or communication issues.

Told in a simple rhyming scheme with fun, active pictures that explore the trials and tribulations of children discovering the word 'no'. I laughed out loud at the expressions on the parents faces when Georgie finally said yes to something.

It's a great little read for young children everywhere, especially if they can shout the No! Never! lines.

No! Never! is the winner of this year's Early Childhood Book of the Year in the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards.

Lauren F.

No Never  : A Cautionary Tale by Libby Hathorn and Lisa Hathorn-Jarman
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