Piranesi by Susanna Clarke

If you would like to read something odd and completely different this book, Piranesi would be a good start. Susanna Clarke leads you into a world like no other; is it a dream or is it real?

Piranesi is a being who lives in the surreal world of a labyrinth, spending his days wandering through a building which has endless corridors leading to rooms filled with grand marble statues. An ocean is trapped inside in the lower levels and will rise with the tides. He thinks it is the most beautiful world to be in, he understands the House and is grateful for its kindness. He enjoys his solitude as no others live in this world, however, he is visited each week by The Other who is his only connection, and then another appears. The story becomes more sinister as it unfolds. It’s best you don’t know too much as it would spoil the journey.

I really enjoyed being drawn into this fantastical world and being led into the labyrinth of Piranesi’s mysterious life and onto its startling conclusion. A very unique, weird and wonderful read.

Piranesi is available to download as an eBook on OverDrive 


Piranesi by Susanna Clarke
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