Sunny Days and Sea Breezes by Carole Matthews

Sunny days and sea breezes is the latest book from the bestselling author Carole Matthews who writes lovely feel good escapist novels.

The story revolves around Jodie Jackson who is escaping London on a ferry to the Isle of Wight to get away from her husband, workaholic life and problems in London. Her plan is to stay on her brother's beautiful renovated luxurious houseboat, Sunny Days, in Cockleshell Bay for some peace and quiet. This includes ignoring the constant messages from her husband and not getting in touch with her best friend who is worried about her.

However, fate had other plans as she meets wonderful characters who help bring her out of her shell against her will, starting with the vibrant, loud and  flamboyant housekeeper, Marilyn, who her brother Bill gave strict instructions to look after Jodie daily.

Jodie's first impression of Marilyn when she simply walked in on her first morning is of a buxom woman with bleached blonde hair wearing red lipstick, leopard print leggings, plunging top and  high red heels who just wouldn't stop talking. Even though Jodie absolutely disliked her at first, they form a wonderful friendship and Marilyn helps her deal with her life problems. Marilyn also shows Jodie her extraordinary shopping skills in bringing colour to Jodie's wardrobe which mostly consists of navies and greys.

Her peacefulness is also disturbed by the noisy chain sawing wood sculptor, Ned, who lives on the next-door houseboat, Sea Breezes.  After the initial confrontation they form a friendship and Ned helps her get acquainted with life in Cockleshell Bay, including joining him for early morning yoga sessions, midnight sandcastle building sessions and inspiring her to attend her first ever music festival and camping overnight. Two other characters are George, the friendly beach 'living' statue and Ida, a lovely young hippie who owns one of the seaside cafes who all help bring Jodie out of her shell and heal from her past.

When her husband, Chris unexpectedly turns up on her houseboat, Jodie returns to London to deal with the problems she ran away from and decide where her future really lies.

Sunny days and sea breezes is a wonderful, heartwarming story and you can't help but fall in love with the charismatic locals and want to escape to this beautiful seaside village.


Sunny Days and Sea Breezes by Carole Matthews
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