The Survivors by Jane Harper

Having enjoyed all previous works by Jane Harper I was eagerly anticipating her latest release The survivors. It didn’t disappoint. Like her previous novels, the landscape becomes an integral part of the storytelling. 

Set in a small coastal Tasmanian town the caves and turbulent ocean are a feature of the plot and really immerses you in the storyline. The plot centers around Kieran who returns to his hometown with his girlfriend and baby after a tragedy involving the death of his brother many years ago left him guilt ridden and unable to return. Unfortunately, death and mystery follow him back this time too. A body is found on the beach in mysterious circumstances which opens up old wounds and unresolved mysteries from the past. The Survivors deals with themes of guilt, grief and family. This book was a page turner and cemented Jane Harper as one of Australia’s best fiction writers in my opinion.   

Additionally, Jane Harper’s first novel The Dry was released as a movie on January 1st 2021 starring Eric Bana. See The Dry movie details on IMDb.


The Survivors by Jane Harper
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