large canopy tree

Proposed Local Law to Protect Large Canopy Trees Consultation

Local laws govern certain activities conducted on private land within the City of Greater Dandenong and are enforced by authorised officers from Council.

Council is seeking the community's feedback on whether it should develop a local law to protect large canopy trees on residential and non-residential private property. 

On 24 August, 2020 Council passed Notice of Motion No.85 that stated:

'That in recognition of the essential role of protecting large trees on private land in tackling climate change and protecting the health and wellbeing of residents, that the public consultation on the draft Urban Forest Strategy includes seeking public views on developing a municipal wide Local Law regarding the protection of large canopy trees with a diameter of 40cm to 50cm or more at base height (approx. height of 7m to 10m).'

If a local law were implemented to protect large canopy trees on private property it would mean landowners would need to obtain a permit to prune, lop, remove or destroy canopy trees above a certain size on their property. The permit process would provide the protection to large canopy trees and permits may or may not be granted. 

Council has not drafted a local law or determined the exact details on what size trees would be protected. At this stage, Council is only asking whether the community would, in principle, support developing a municipal wide local law to protect larger canopy trees on private land. Should there be support to develop a local law, officers will then draft a detailed document for the purpose of further consultation with the community and councillors. 

This consultation is now closed.

The Local Law matter will be considered at a future date.

For more information, please contact Council's Strategic Planning Team on 8571 1000.