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We Built this City - Heritage Interpretation Project

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We want to hear the stories of historical locations around Greater Dandenong. Share stories of your favourite locations that hold historical significance for the 'We Built this City' project.

The selected locations will have interpretive material created, allowing others to learn about the history of the site and encouraging connection to Greater Dandenong's heritage.

Project Background

The City of Greater Dandenong has been successful in securing funds from the Public Records Office Victoria’s Local History Grant Program for a heritage interpretation project that celebrates the diversity of our region’s heritage and the lesser-known histories behind sites.

Our municipality is not widely acknowledged for its historic architecture, however there are a wide range of architectural periods present, from Victorian-era through to late 20th century and contemporary. Likewise, with our history, but there are many fascinating stories behind the sites and the people connected with them- including how different waves of migration, particularly post-war migrants, have shaped the places we enjoy today. 

This project aims to pass on knowledge and activate community support for heritage places, whilst enhancing social connectedness within the community. It will provide our culturally diverse community and newly arrived residents with opportunities to connect with the history of their new home. The final outcomes will provide resources for school groups, tourists and locals alike. 

The project will be undertaken in collaboration with Dandenong and District Historical Society and Springvale and District Historical Society.

Project Outcomes

Stage one of this project will involve a series of temporary installations and materials in public spaces in Dandenong, Noble Park and Springvale, incorporating QR codes linking to online content with an overview of each site’s history and significance.

Stage two (future project) may include the creation of a trail map for use as a self-guided tour or by local schools as a classroom resource. 

This consultation has now closed.

Image credit- Graham Southam - Civic and Cultural Heritage Collection