Mrs Sudesh Singh, woman smiling

Little India Stories - Singhs Big Bazaar and Saree Sansaar

Mrs Sudesh Singh, woman smiling

A Perfect Fit for Elegant Occasions

Sudesh Singh is a woman of many talents. While working as a full-time software engineer in the 1990s, she spent her weekends designing and making garments. Chasing her intertest in fashion, she travelled solo to India to learn more and make connections. This is where her dream was born. 

When she had an opportunity to leave her corporate career behind in 2004, she leapt at the chance to make her dream a reality, opening businesses in Dandenong, Footscray, Brisbane and Fiji.

She now runs Singhs Big Bazaar, a one-stop-shop for elegant, traditional outfits in Foster St, Dandenong. From sarees and salwar kameez, to shoes, headwear, jewellery and bags - customers are catered for from top to toe. 

“I love working with my customers to create the perfect fit. We offer a professional, personalised service, with exceptional eye for detail and high-quality cuts and stitching for all garments.” 

From Lohri to Diwali, Harmony Week to Bollywood nights, Sudesh is busy all year-round, providing quality outfits and costumes for every cultural occasion. 

She is an empowering advocate for the traders in Little India and has played a big part in the development of the precinct. “There is so much to offer in Little India and I have enjoyed being part of its growth since the early years.” 

Sudesh’s advice for those wanting to run their own business is very simple – “start.” 

“Start from wherever you are, wherever you want to. You can build from there and if you are passionate about what you are doing you will see it grow.”