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COVID Business and Community Group Support Program

COVID-19 Project Support Officers

Do you need support with making sure your business or community group is meeting its COVIDSafe requirements? 

In partnership with the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR), the City of Greater Dandenong have welcomed COVID Project Support Officers to provide local businesses and community groups information and advice regarding the Victorian Government’s latest COVID-19 requirements.

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 transmission, all Victorian businesses and community venues are required to have registered for the Victorian Government QR Code Service and have completed a COVIDSafe Plan.

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All Victorian businesses and community venues must register for the Victorian Government QR Code Service to check-in all visitors on arrival, including:Victorian Government QR Code Service

  • Workers
  • Volunteers
  • Customers
  • Clients
  • Contractors, and
  • Any other visitors

This is a free service and helps contact tracers if there is a positive case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at any location. Make sure that posters are displayed in an area that is easy for people to check-in. Visit the Victorian Government's website for more information

COVIDSafe Plan

Businesses and community venues are also required to have a completed COVIDSafe Plan and apply the six principles for COVIDSafe workplaces:

  • Practice physical distancing
  • Wear a face mask
  • Practise good hygiene
  • Keep electronic records and act quickly
  • Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces
  • Create workforce bubbles

A COVIDSafe Plan helps to protect staff, customers, visitors, and the community. It also prepares a business or community venue for suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the workplace.

A COVIDSafe Plan should be printed and completed and kept on-site at the workplace where it is easy to find.

To help you understand your obligations and to complete your COVIDSafe Plan for your business or community venue, please watch the following presentation delivered by Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) at the Greater Dandenong Chamber of Commerce Business Webinar.


COVID Check-in Marshals 

The roadmap to Deliver the National Plan sets out how the state can safely reopen, while ensuring our health system is capable of supporting Victorians when they need it  most. A new element of Victoria’s roadmap is the role of the COVID Check-In Marshal. Many venues are required to have a COVID Check-In Marshal when open to the public. 

The City of Greater Dandenong has developed a video resource explaining:

  • The role of the COVID Check-In Marshal
  • Accepted proof of COVID-19 vaccination status
  • Tips for talking to customers

How can Council help?

Our Officers are available to help your business or community group with:

  • Setting up QR codes
  • Providing a COVIDSafe Plan template
  • Support with completing the COVIDSafe Plan
  • Measuring density quotients
  • Providing advice regarding the six principles of COVIDSafe workplaces
  • Providing information on grants and funding available to businesses

If you would like some support and a visit from one of our officers, please email with your business/group name, contact details and enquiry. 

Helpful links

Select the helpful links below to keep you COVIDSafe:


Business Kit 

If you would like this information posted directly to your business please email Council at

COVIDSafe Plan Template - English - 354KB

COVIDSafe Plan Check List - 584KB

Door Sign - Check In First Thing Poster - 208KB

COVID Workplace Attendance Register - 53KB

Maximum Number of Patrons Poster - 1.5MB

Fact Sheet - What to do if a Worker Tests Positive - 63KB


Translated COVIDSafe Plans in specific languages

Arabic - 175KB

Chinese Simplified -255KB

Chinese Traditional - 278KB

Hindi - 172KB

Punjabi - 166KB

Vietnamese - 195KB