Dandenong Civic Centre

Dandenong Community Hub Consultation

Greater Dandenong City Council is at the next stage of consultation towards planning for a community hub in central Dandenong.

Community hubs are multi-purpose community facilities providing a range of complementary services in a single accessible location and generally have a range of shared facilities and functions for the community, groups and organisations. 

The initial consultation earlier in 2021 was about defining local peoples’ vision for the central Dandenong Community Hub.  This information was needed so that concept designs could be developed. This covered things such as:

  • What sort of facility the community want it to be.
  • What sort of facilities should be included in the hub.
  • The preferred location.

Now we’re reporting back what we heard from the consultation and getting your feedback on the concept designs that have been developed. You can read a summary of the feedback below.

Dandenong Community Hub Summary of Feedback - 471KB

Community feedback told us that the site bounded by Stuart Street, Clow Street and Sleeth Avenue was a preferred site (see below). Council has supported this site as the preferred location.

Dandenong C0mmunity Hub proposed location

View Ground Floor Concept Plan and Room Schedule

View First Floor Concept Plans and Room Schedules

This consultation is now closed.