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Frederick Wachter Reserve Playground Upgrade

Project Overview

We are designing a new district level playground at Frederick Wachter Reserve in Keysborough.

Frederick Wachter Reserve is a large district multi-purpose park located on Kingsclere Avenue in Keysborough. The reserve is located directly north of Parkmore Shopping Centre. The park has two sports grounds, three lanes of cricket nets, eight tennis courts, a wetland area, a neighbourhood level playground with a picnic shelter and BBQ area, a dog off-leash area and extensive open space.

The Frederick Wachter Reserve Master Plan was developed after extensive community and stakeholder consultation and was adopted by Council in February 2019. The masterplanā€™s implementation strategy identifies the upgrade of the existing neighbourhood level playground to a district level to provide more diverse play environment suitable for broader age groups. The district playground will be located near the existing playground at the southern end of the park on Kingsclere Avenue.


Between March to May 2020 we sought the community's feedback on the draft concept plan ideas and their preference for the playground's 'Market Garden' or 'Wetland' theme.
Following this community consultation, the final design of the Frederick Wachter Reserve District Playground has been completed.

The majority of people who responded to the consultation indicated they liked or really liked both proposed themes and the design ideas. Strong support for both the 'Market Garden' and the 'Wetland' theme has resulted in both themes being integrated into the final playground design.

Sensory art elements themed around the market garden and wetland themes are built into the playground design to encourage curious minds to explore and discover.

Key Design Elements 

Active Play opportunities

  • A giant basket swing
  • Hexagon Swing element with five swings
  • Accessible spinner

Junior Play Zone

  • Two inground trampolines - co-located near each other and featuring one wheel chair accessible and one single round trampoline
  • Small slide and cubby play
  • Monkey bars

Market Tower Senior Play Zone

  • Play tower including large slides, rope course and climbing wall

Water Play and Sand Play Zone

  • Water play with a water pump and creek channel that winds under a bridge to a sand pit
  • Sand play - sand pit with inclusive play elements.

Social and New Park Amenities

  • Shade sails over the swings area and sand pit area
  • Picnic table and seating areas
  • A grassy mound with shade trees
  • Accessible pathways with shade trees complement the new playground 

Fredrick Wachter Reserve Proposed Playground Upgrade Final Concept Plan - 19.6MB

Timelines and Next Steps

Construction of Stage 1 of the playground works commenced in late 2021/early 2022 and finish and open to the public in December 2022. The existing playground was retained until future stages of the new playground were completed. 

Construction of Stages 2 and 3 of the playground works commenced early in 2023 and should finish by mid-September 2023. During late August, garden beds will be planted, and the majority of the play equipment will be installed.

In the future, Council will be planting additional trees around the playground and across the reserve. In addition, the path network around the playground will be upgraded.

Project location - Frederick Wachter Reserve

Kingsclere Avenue 133-155, 3173 Keysborough AU, Australia