Roving Refills is Coming to Dandenong

Roving Refills owner filling up their reusable container with cleaning products from a bulk container.

In celebration of Plastic Free July, the team from Roving Refills Frankston will be visiting two locations in Dandenong on Tuesday 23 July to provide the community with the opportunity to purchase eco-friendly, low-miles detergents and cleaning products, and take it home in your own containers.

Bring your own container such as a bottle, jar or bucket and refill it with their products. Any size or shape is fine, but ensure you clean the container thoroughly before refilling, unless it has contained their products previously to avoid cross-contamination.

Council and Roving Refills are offering 20% off each purchase for these two exclusive events. 

By reusing existing bottles instead of disposing of them after single use, we help decrease the overall demand for new plastic production and minimise the amount of plastic entering landfills or oceans.

View all the products available and their prices at Roving Refills.

Roving Refills will be set up at:

  • Dandenong Market (The Terrace) 9am-11.30am
  • Harmony Square 12.30pm-3pm

For any questions, please contact Council's Sustainability team. 

If you require additional assistance to participate, please get in contact with us.

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