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On its way to our rivers and creeks, the stormwater picks up lots of litter and harmful pollutants like oil, chemicals and animal droppings. After heavy rainfall, the volume and speed of the stormwater can also erode river beds and banks.

This is a problem for the fauna and flora that live in our waterways, as it damages the quality and structure of their habitat.

For ways to prevent litter and protect help our waterways visit our Littering page.

Preventing Stormwater Pollution

Preventing rubbish, grease, oil and other contaminants from entering the stormwater drainage system is the most effective way to reduce stormwater pollution.

Preventing Stormwater Pollution - Information for Food Businesses Booklet - 2.74MB



Funded through the Victorian Government’s Litter Hotspots Program, Council has also developed a raingarden symbol to identify functioning raingardens. When residents and visitors to Greater Dandenong see this symbol, they will be able to access more information.

Additionally, through the Living Rivers Program, Council has developed a short animated clip featuring Raingarden Man that highlights the importance of keeping raingardens healthy and litter free.


Lily Litter

Lily Litter was developed by Greater Dandenong using funding received from the State Government under the Roadside Litter Grant Program. Council received funding in 2012 and Lily was born. Her name was chosen by the community and Lily was officially launched in 2013 at the Dandenong Show.

Lily Litter is a lovely ladybird (Coccinellidae). Ladybirds can be found in most Countries throughout the world. Although we don’t always see them, Lady-bugs can be anywhere and sometimes will surprise you by landing on your hand.

Lily aims to raise awareness of protecting and enhancing the natural environment for the whole community by preventing litter where it starts. She invites you and your family to help protect our waterways and bushlands by preventing waterway litter and pollution.

Healthy Waterway Heroes - Lily Litter Book - 5.3MB