COVIDSafe Events in Greater Dandenong

All organisers of events in the City of Greater Dandenong must ensure there is a COVIDSafe Plan for the event premises. This is in addition to all other approvals required for events, including Council event permits. 

Organisers of events are advised to familiarise themselves with the relevant regulations and ensure their event is COVIDSafe. To find out what additional COVIDSafe Settings apply to your venue or event, check the Workplace COVIDSafe Settings information on the relevant sector guidance page.

For more information around preparing for a COVIDSafe event, please visit the Victorian Government's Event webpage

Is my activity an event?

The definition of an event in this context is: “an organised public gathering for a common purpose which is conducted on a one-off or periodic basis, it may be open to members of the public, publicly announced or advertised, and may be subject to specific license, approvals or permits.”

If you are unsure if your activity is an event contact the Festivals and Events team for more information via email events@cgd.vic.gov.au.

What is considered an event premises?

An event premises is where an event is taking place. Where a public space is used for an event, areas that are cordoned off and have clear entry and exit points are the event premises. Areas that are not cordoned off are not part of the event premises, even where they are under the control of the event operator.

For example, at a public marathon, the marshalling areas that are cordoned off and have clear entry points are considered an event premises. However, where the length of the 42km track is not roped off or otherwise enclosed, the area does not form part of the event premises.

Where a public space is cordoned off for an event, the type of event will define the COVIDSafe Settings that apply.

COVIDSafe Plan

All event premises must have a completed COVIDSafe Plan. The event operator, owner or usual operator of the premises should work collaboratively, to ensure that the COVIDSafe Plan addresses the specific risks of the event and responsibilities are clearly allocated.

Please ensure your COVIDSafe Plan incorporates all of the following:

  • Oversight and Administration - Educating events staff, liaising with public health officials, managing attendees with symptoms, ticketing, etc.
  • Spectator Management - Pre-event health messaging, signage, limiting interaction between groups, entry and exit management etc.
  • Environment and Personal Hygiene - Pre-event cleaning, cleaning schedule, hygiene stations, toilets etc.
  • Staff, Vendors and Contractors - Obtain COVIDSafe Plans from vendors and contractors, queue management, contactless payments etc.

For more information and to find a COVIDSafe Plan template visit the Victorian Government's COVIDSafe Plan webpage.

Monitoring Vaccination Status

Event employees/performers/stall holders/volunteers

Event organisers must ensure that all event employees working at your event are fully vaccinated. This includes - performers, stall holders, volunteers and event organising committee members attending on the day.

Event organisers must keep a record of when they sighted the vaccination status of their workers and provide this to Authorised Officers upon request. If workers choose to withhold evidence of their COVID-19 vaccination status, their employer must take reasonable steps to ensure they do not leave home for work purposes.

A template to record COVID-19 Vaccination Statuses is available below:

COVID-19 Vaccination Status Register (Workers) - 4KB