Springvale Station at night

Springvale Boulevard Project

The Springvale Boulevard will be an iconic gateway to Sensational Springvale.

This page offers current information on the Springvale Boulevard project and will be updated regularly as project progresses. Scroll down to see more detail on the development of the project.

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Upcoming Works

Read the construction bulletins below:

Construction Update 1 - 19 August 2021

Construction Update 2 - October 2021

Construction Update 3 - November 2021

Construction Update 4 - December 2021

Construction Update 5 - February 2022 

Construction Update 6 - March 2022

Construction Update 7 - April 2022

Construction Update 8 - May 2022

About the project

With extensive community engagement informing the design, the project will deliver on the community’s aspirations for the area.

These aspirations include:

  • an improved pedestrian experience and safety
  • improved paving and lighting
  • greening including more shade trees
  • high quality thoughtful design elements
  • opportunities for socialising
  • streetscape public art (future stage)
  • a design specific to Springvale that is inclusive of all identities and cultures

Key outcomes will include improved pedestrian movement and safety, enhanced shopping and dining experiences, new opportunities for people to connect and relax, and for community celebrations.

The boulevard will feature widened footpaths, new garden beds and more trees providing year-round shade, more seating, improved street lighting, and high-quality, thought-provoking design elements that reflect the diverse cultures of Springvale.

Together with the recently completed Springvale Hub project, Springvale Boulevard will celebrate the area’s rich cultural tapestry and create a renewed sense of pride in the Springvale Activity Centre.

The project will serve as a model for urban revitalisation in Australia.

The existing footpath and road pavement on Springvale Road, between Windsor Avenue and Balmoral Avenue, will be transformed into a magnificent boulevard, giving the Springvale Road shopping and business precinct back to the people.

Council’s investment in this key strategic project will reinforce the status of Sensational Springvale as one of Melbourne’s leading cultural destinations and enhance the vibrancy and commercial sustainability of the Springvale Activity Centre.

The project will be delivered across two stages. Construction of Stage 1 has started and is expected to be completed August 2022. Timeframes for Stage 2 have not yet been set.

  • Future Stage - Springvale Project Concept Design - view towards Balmoral Avenue
    Future Stage - Springvale Project Concept Design - view towards Balmoral Avenue
  • Post office Lane - Stage One  - Springvale Boulevard Project Concept Design
    Post office Lane - Stage One - Springvale Boulevard Project Concept Design
  • Future Stage - Springvale Project Concept Design - eastern footpath facing south at night
    Future Stage - Springvale Project Concept Design - eastern footpath facing south at night

Why is Council constructing the Springvale Boulevard?

Construction of the Springvale Boulevard will enhance the future prosperity of Springvale Activity Centre as a leading cultural destination of Melbourne.

The current narrow footpaths will be transformed into a beautiful green space that prioritises people.

The project will:

  • significantly improve the experience of shoppers and visitors
  • encourage people to connect and stay longer
  • provide new opportunities for outdoor dining and kerbside trade for Springvale.

Who will benefit from the project?

The project will benefit a broad range of people associated with Springvale, including more than 20,000 local residents, 500 businesses and approximately 100,000 visitors annually.

What features will the boulevard have?

Stage 1 of the project is a full streetscape upgrade of the road and footpaths on Springvale Road between Balmoral Avenue and the Windsor Avenue intersection.

Works and improvements will include:

  • drainage upgrades
  • widened footpaths for pedestrian thoroughfare and on-street trading and dining opportunities
  • new garden beds and shade trees
  • new seating (individual and group seating)
  • improved street lighting
  • safety enhancements such as CCTV
  • traffic calming measures such as raised and widened pedestrian crossings
  • areas of high-quality feature paving.

Residents and visitors will have a more enjoyable shopping experiences or can simply drop by to connect, linger and enjoy the area.

Was the community consulted on the project?

Yes. Council has conducted extensive community engagement on the project since 2016, including more than 1,100 people sharing their aspirations for the project.

The aspirations from these community engagement sessions can be seen as part of the final design concept and Community Engagement Framework.

What is the cost of the project?

The budget for Stage 1 construction is $6 million.  It will be fully funded by Council without any new borrowings or impact on rates.

What is the timeframe for the project?

The overall project will be built in two stages. Construction of Stage 1 will start in May 2021 and conclude in July 2022. The timing of Stage 2 is yet to be determined and is subject to future budget consideration.

How will local parking and traffic flow be affected during construction?

Council will work with the Department of Transport, as the main road authority, to ensure that traffic and parking associated with the project is planned, managed and monitored.

During the construction phase, the appointed contractor will be required to keep local traders and other nearby property owners informed of any changes to pedestrian or traffic movements, and provide appropriate traffic management to minimise potential disruption to local traffic flow.

Will I be able to do my shopping on Springvale Road?

Yes. A width of approximately 1.5m will be maintained on the footpaths so that pedestrians can access shops along the entire length of Springvale Road during construction.

Where will I park while works are underway?

There will be some changes to parking and pedestrian access on Springvale Road while the project is underway.

Parking losses will be minimised as best possible as various stages of construction are completed.

A portion of the northern carpark in Warwick Avenue will be used as a site compound for the construction team and materials.  Traffic Management will be in place to ensure safe school pick up and drops offs.

Council is pleased to announce that all business owners / occupants located on Springvale Road between Lightwood Road and Windsor Avenue are eligible for free parking on the upper levels of ‘Number 8’ Balmoral Avenue multi-deck carpark.  Additional free permits are available for your staff.  Keep informed via this project page.

I’m a trader on Springvale Road, how will I get my goods delivered?

There will be some changes to loading zones on Springvale Road while the project is underway. 

What impacts will the project have on the local area and how will these be mitigated against?

To minimise and mitigate against possible local impacts such as noise and dust, some construction works will take place at night. 

The contractor will be required to put in place a Construction Management Plan and operate within Environment Protection Authority standards.

The contactor will keep traders informed of any changes to traffic or pedestrian access.

What is council doing to support traders?

Council is putting in place measures to help traders to keep on trading and to encourage residents to keep on shopping in the Springvale Road area.

These measures include:

  • A ‘business as usual’ signage campaign which highlights Springvale is still trading while we’re upgrading.
  • Free (no cost) parking on upper levels of 8 Balmoral Carpark for Springvale Road traders and their staff.
  • Night works to minimise disruption during the day.
  • Business mentoring and support.

How will Council keep the community informed of the project?

Council will communicate regularly with traders and others in the immediate vicinity of the site. Council will also keep the wider community up-to-date on the project with regular project bulletins, this project page, social media updates, local media articles and via community newsletters.

People can stay informed of this project by contacting Council via email SpringvaleBoulevard@cgd.vic.gov.au or phone on 8571 1000.

The construction team will also be in contact with affected traders directly throughout the project.

Will the duration of the project be affected by potential COVID-19 restrictions?

The Springvale Boulevard project will be delivered in line with Victorian Government COVID-19 directives of the day.

When will Stage 2 commence?

Stage 2 is currently unfunded and timing is yet to be determined. However, Council will consult with the community when funding becomes available.

Will the underpass be retained?

The underpass is not part of the current scope of works. Council will consider the future of the underpass as part of Stage 2 works, when funding becomes available.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this project?

For all enquiries about this project, please contact Council on 8571 1000 or via email SpringvaleBoulevard@cgd.vic.gov.au

For all afterhours emergencies, please contact Council’s emergency afterhours service on 8571 1000.

Springvale Boulevard

323 Springvale Rd, Springvale VIC 3171, Australia

Concept Design

The Springvale Boulevard project will transform Springvale Road into a signature boulevard to reinforce the Activity Centre as one of Melbourne’s leading and much loved cultural destinations.

Community consultation raised important aspirations such as:

  • An improved pedestrian experience and safety
  • Improved paving and lighting
  • Greening including more shade trees
  • High quality thoughtful design elements
  • Opportunities for socialising
  • Streetscape public art (future stage)
  • A design specific to Springvale that is inclusive of all identities and cultures

These aspirations were key in guiding the design and can be seen as part of the final concept. We thank the community for their valuable input into the design process.

Where can you view the Concept Design?

Springvale Boulevard Concept Plan Poster - 15MB

Alternatively, residents can view the full concept design in large scale at Post Office Laneway (adjacent to the Springvale Post Office), Springvale Road, Springvale. 


Community comments and the design response by Council

Community consultation is now closed.

Council would like to thank the community for their input with over 1,000 people participating in workshops, online feedback, ‘out in the street’ sessions and face to face conversations.

Planting Strategy

“We need plants – there is too much concrete everywhere”

“In years gone mass plantings of annuals provided colour to the precinct”

Design Response

Plant selection for the project reflects the rich cultural diversity of the precinct with a framework of Australian plants, mixed with exotic display gardens at key locations along the street.  Shade canopy trees are proposed for the widened footpath areas to provide amenity to pedestrians.

Paving Strategy

"We’d like re-paving of the footpaths with nice designs relating to the area as it is now, and perhaps its history”

Design Response

A custom Springvale paving pattern was developed to highlight moments of East/West connection into Springvale’s hidden network of laneways and arcades.  The pattern uses seemingly displaced individual units that cluster together to form a strong and connected paving pattern.  The paving pattern serves as a metaphor for the migrant experience, referencing thousands of migrants who have made Springvale their home and in turn strengthened the Springvale community.

Furniture Strategy

‘Make people more comfortable on the street with seats and space to sit and watch’

Design response

We are proposing numerous new standard seats all along Springvale Road.  This will be complimented by custom designed ‘stools’ at key east-west locations.

The custom seating strategy was developed to reflect the patterns of street occupation that occur throughout the Springvale shopping precinct.  Clusters of individual stools arranged at key moments will provide flexibility for people to sit alone or in groups.

A place for people

‘I visit 3 or 4 times a week to food shop – we need more areas to sit, eat, have a coffee and relax…’

‘Many customers are elderly and have full shopping jeeps’

‘The footpath goods allow curious shoppers to explore and enjoy’

Did you know that Springvale Road is the longest ‘arterial’ road in Melbourne?   It’s approximately 40 km from Edithvale to Doncaster East.  While there’s no doubt that Springvale Road is an important road for drivers, it is also an important place for people. 

Design response

Wider Footpaths

  • One way to make Springvale Road more comfortable for people is to extend the footpaths.  So the footpath widths have been increased  by up to 3 metres.  This gives Springvale Road plenty of space for people to sit, socialise and shop while also providing generous space for kerb-side trade, garden beds and furniture.  A pedestrian clearance zone along the shop fronts is provided for easy movement along Springvale Road.

Remove Central median and trees

  • Removal of the centre median will allow the pedestrian crossing distances to be reduced to make is safer and quicker for people to get across the road.
  • The existing 8 trees in Springvale Road between Lightwood Road and Windsor Avenue are in the wrong position for people to enjoy.  We’re proposing to remove them and plant many more trees within the extended footpath area, clear of the shop verandahs, where people can sit and enjoy them.

40km speed zone / 24 hours per day

The benefits of the 24 hour / 40km per hour speed limit will improve pedestrian and vehicle safety throughout the precinct.