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Sustainability Awards 2021

In January 2020, The City of Greater Dandenong declared a climate emergency, and have since developed their 2020-30 Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan.

The Greater Dandenong Sustainability Awards recognise the community's efforts that help make our community and environment a more sustainable place to live work and play.

The awards identify champions in our community whose achievements can be seen and adopted by others.

For this year's awards, Council is seeking submissions in the form of a short video, artwork or invention. 

Entries for the Sustainability Awards open on Monday 8 February, 9am and will close on Friday 30 April, 5pm.

Submission formats

For more information about submission formats please see below.

Entrant Categories

  • Resident or student (tertiary) in Greater Dandenong
  • Student (Primary)
  • Student (Secondary)
  • Employee or Business in Greater Dandenong

Please note that you can only enter your video, artwork or invention in one category (for example, you can’t enter the same video twice if you are a student and also live in Greater Dandenong).

However, you may enter different submissions under different categories (for example, a video as a student and an invention as a resident).

You may enter as an individual, team or group, however, please note the prize packs are single prize packs and aren’t per individual in the team or group.

Greater Dandenong Sustainability Awards 2021 Terms and Conditions - 403KB

How to Enter

Please submit your entries via the form below by Friday 30 April, 5pm.

Submit your Entry

Submissions will be available online for public voting during Forever Fest (22 – 30 May). This voting period will decide our people’s choice award and after the festival. Submissions will also be judged by our external Sustainability Advisory Committee to determine the final winners per category.

If you require assistance with the online form or for further information please contact Council’s Sustainability Events and Engagement Team on 8571 1000.

Forever Fest Affiliate Partners -  2.2MB


Award Prizes

We have a range of fantastic prizes for our upcoming winners. 

Sustainability Awards 2021 Prizes - 7.5MB

Submission formats

For this year's awards, Council is seeking submissions in the form of a short video, artwork or invention. 

Please read the Guidelines and Terms and conditions document carefully. 

Greater Dandenong Sustainability Awards 2021 Terms and Conditions - 403KB 


Create a short video (2-5 minutes) that highlights the impacts of climate change in Greater Dandenong. And, if positive action is taken – what Greater Dandenong will look like in the future.

Your video can take any form, whether that be:

  • Documentary
  • Science-Fiction
  • Thriller
  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Animation.

The choice is yours.

Please note: Videos can be as simple as taking footage on your phone, you don’t have to have a professional camera or editing to enter the competition.

Your video can be submitted in any language. However, English subtitles will need to be included (or a transcript) for any spoken part of the film.


Create an artwork that reimagines how it may look in a sustainable future.

Choose a street in Greater Dandenong (such as Lonsdale Street, Dandenong’s main shopping street or a local street in your neighbourhood) and create an artwork that reimagines how it may look in a sustainable future.

Your artwork can be in different types of mediums such as:

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Collages
  • Photography
  • Animation/Computer designed drawings etc.

Please note – the submission of the artwork is to be a photo/s of the artwork (not the original piece).


Climate change is here and it’s already impacting how we live.

Do you have an idea for an invention that could change the way the world fights climate change?

This could be something that helps us reduce greenhouse gases emissions (“mitigate” climate change), or something that makes the impacts of climate change less severe (“adapt” to climate change).

Your invention could fall under any theme/topic related to climate change such as:

  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Business
  • Or any other topic you can justify.

To show us your idea, design a single-sided promotion flyer for your new invention (including a clearly labelled drawing or image of what the invention would look like).

Please also submit a 150-300 word explanation of your invention and how you believe this would tackle climate change.

Ideas and Inspiration

We want you to be as creative and to think as ‘out of the box’ as possible. However, to get the ball rolling, you can take some inspiration from the eight themes you will find in our Climate Emergency Strategy.

  • Leadership and Governance – A city leading its communities climate change response
  • Community Well-being and Culture – An engaged and mobilised community responding to the climate emergency.
  • Business and Economy - A city with a thriving and resilient net-zero carbon emissions economy
  • Energy and Buildings – A city of energy efficient buildings powered by clean energy
  • Biodiversity and Open Space – A city that is cool and green
  • Transport and Movement – A city well connected through low-carbon transport
  • Assets, Infrastructure and Land Use Planning – A city with a built environment supporting the community’s resilience to climate change
  • Waste – A city of low waste transport through efficient resource use


For your video, artwork or invention to be considered it must be:

  • Themed around climate change and/or sustainability and what our future will look like as a carbon-neutral city.

Further media guidelines:

  • Video – no more than five minutes long
  • Artwork – no more than five images uploaded
  • Invention – no more than one single-sided pdf document

Your entry must also be:

  • Culturally sensitive and include no violence, inappropriate language or discrimination of any kind
  • Your own work – not copied from anywhere
  • Submitted by 5pm Friday 30 April for voting during Forever Fest (22 May – 30 May). Late applications will not be considered.

Greater Dandenong Sustainability Awards 2021 Terms and Conditions - 403KB

What is Climate change?

Climate change is the long-term change in the Earth’s weather and ecosystems. Human activity is causing worldwide temperatures to rise higher and faster than any time we know of in the past. The trapping of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere is contributing to climate change.

What are Greenhouse gas emissions?

Greenhouse gases are gases in the Earth's atmosphere that trap heat. They let sunlight pass through the atmosphere, but they prevent the heat that the sunlight brings from leaving the atmosphere.