Healthy Waterways Video Competition

The Healthy Waterway video competition was open to all members of the community who work, live and play in Greater Dandenong. 

The competition encouraged young people aged between 5 and 25 years to create a short video that promotes keeping our waterways clean, healthy and litter free.

The 2018 winners and finalists are:
Winner: Amina  and Haleema Aamir
Finalist: Rameeen Kahna dn Jaslynn In
Finliast: Kynan Mu
Finalist: Numan Seyit

How to keep our waterways healthy

  • Don’t let oil, chemicals and other pollutants get into the stormwater drains. The stormwater drains flow directly into our creeks and living rivers and so it can immediately damage water quality and harm wildlife and vegetation.
  • Make sure your recycling, rubbish and waste go into the right bin and don't drop any on the ground. If dropped, rubbish then becomes litter and can easily blow into the stormwater drains. It then flows into our creeks and living rivers, contaminating water and making it harmful for our wildlife and vegetation.
  • Compost your yard trimmings or use as mulch on your property rather than letting them enter the street and gutters. The gutters in your street flow to stormwater drains and yard trimmings can carry pesticides and fertilisers into local waterways or cause blockages.
  • Read more information on the Stormwater Drains page.
  • If you see someone doing the wrong thing, like littering, speak up.

2017 Competition Playlist