Barry J Powell Reserve

Barry J Powell Reserve

Council recognises the importance of parks and open spaces to our community. As a result council is working on a new Master Plan for Barry J Powell Reserve. 

Park features:

  • Barry J Powell Reserve is a 9.6ha park.
  • It has two sports ovals, tennis courts and practice cricket nets.
  • There are also two playgrounds, picnic and BBQ facilities and a dog off-leash area.
  • There is one sports pavilion currently used by Lyndale Cricket and Football Club.
  • The Jan Wilson Community Centre is located on this reserve It has a community hall available for hire and runs a range of programs such as fitness classes, kids play activities, and senior citizen activities.

A new Master Plan for Barry J Powell Reserve

Following on from the public consultation, Council has used a range of community ideas and suggestions to prepare the Barry J Powell Reserve Draft Master Plan, which includes the two play space options. 

Barry J Powell Reserve Draft Master Plan

Key themes to come out of face to face and online consultation include:

  • Improvements to the two playgrounds, including providing shade and seating
  • Improvements to the sports and spectator facilities, including upgrading the existing sports pavilion, the toilet facilities and sheltered areas for spectators
  • Provide a circuit shared path around the park to support the informal walking and cycling
  • Potential for improved areas that cater for social sport, fitness station or outdoor gym
  • Support for a multi-purpose court space for netball and basketball Improvements to the dog off leash area including fencing and more bins
  • Plant more trees and vegetation to provide more shady areas and wind breaks and to improve the visual amenity and environmental qualities of the park
  • Provide more park amenities such as barbecue and picnic facilities, seating, toilets, shade and drinking fountains to support social recreation

We believe that all of these themes have been captured in the draft master plan.

The Master plan will be released later this year.


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