Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC)

Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC) - Redevelopment

Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC)

Project update

Works to develop a new health and wellbeing gymnasium at NPAC are currently underway.

The new facility involves a two-storey redevelopment and extension of the existing centre to include a large gym, three program / group fitness rooms, amenities, office / assessment area, social space and stair and lift (to new first floor).

Plans for the new health and wellbeing gym were finalised following a community consultation process undertaken in August / September 2020 and are available via the following link:

Community Presentation - NPAC Stage 1 Redevelopment Health and Wellbeing Gymnasium

The centre will be managed by South East Leisure and will include state-of-the art gym equipment to cater for people of all ages and abilities. Click on the video below to view the range of equipment and gym layout (ground floor):



NPAC Health and Wellbeing Gymnasium – Project Overview

The redevelopment / expansion of NPAC was one of two key recommendations from the Greater Dandenong Aquatic Strategy (September 2019) which included the development of a health and wellbeing gymnasium (stage 1) and expansion of the indoor pool hall (stage 2) including a dedicated learn to swim pool, water play / leisure pool, redeveloped program / warm water pool and amenities.

The Stage 1 Redevelopment - Health and Wellbeing Gymnasium will include:

  • Gymnasium (600 sqm) with areas for personal / group training, stretch, cardio, functional training and weights.
  • Three Programs / group training rooms for:
    - high intensity group fitness;
    - spin classes; and
    - wellness / gentle exercise.
  • Dedicated female, male and accessible change areas.
  • Office / assessment area, social space, stair and lift (to new first floor) and storage areas.
  • Provision for 24/7 operation / after-hour access.

The development of the gymnasium is expected to have a positive and significant impact on visitation and participation levels, community health and the operational performance of the Centre.

Funding Announcement from the Victorian Government

The City of Greater Dandenong has received a $3.3 million grant from the Victorian Government’s Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program for the development of a Health and Wellbeing Gymnasium at Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC). This development represents ‘stage 1’ of the centre’s redevelopment, which is a key outcome of Council’s Aquatic Strategy that was endorsed in September last year.

This stimulus funding has allowed Council to bring the NPAC stage 1 redevelopment forward, due to the scale of the project and its ability to meet the ‘shovel ready’ requirements of the funding program.

Note: Whilst the new Dandenong Wellbeing Centre (Dandenong Oasis replacement facility) remains a high priority for Council, it did not meet the eligibility criteria under this funding program.

Design Considerations

This design builds on previous planning and consultation undertaken through the Aquatic Strategy and subsequent feasibility study to incorporate the recommended facility components (listed above). The design has been developed by appointed architects Co-Op Studio in accordance with the following design considerations.

The Health and Wellbeing Gymnasium will:

  • Be located to the left of the main reception area, consolidating dry health and fitness facilities towards the south-east end of the building.
  • Be integrated with the existing NPAC facility to provide a consistent look and feel (integration of design, materials, colours etc.).
  • Minimise the impact on the surrounding area including 50m pool surrounds / outdoor grassed area by:
    • Providing an efficient two-storey development that contains the size of the building envelope by locating the program / group fitness rooms on the upper level
    • Repurposing underutilised facilities within the centre including:
      • two of the three program rooms to be converted to gymnasium space (program room closest to reception to be retained)
      • current toilets and meeting room to be redeveloped as full change rooms (with showers)
  • Include functionality for 24/7 access as an operational option.
  • Provide a sustainable building solution by incorporating environmentally sensitive design (ESD) measures.
  • Incorporate universal design principles to ensure the facility caters for all people regardless of age, ability and cultural background. 

Timelines and Next Steps

  • Construction for the stage 1 redevelopment is currently underway and proposed for completion in late 2022.
  • Council will endeavour to minimise the impact of the construction process on the operation of the existing centre.
  • The indoor and outdoor pools will remain open during the construction period (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).
  • Access to the south-east end of the existing building (program / meeting rooms and amenities) will be restricted during the construction period, with the exception of one program room which Council will endeavour to keep operational.

Why is a redevelopment of NPAC required?

NPAC is located in the population centre of Greater Dandenong with over 77,000 residents living within 3km. However, despite the Centre’s central and accessible location, NPAC is significantly underutilised due to the limited range of facilities and year-round services that are currently available.

The Aquatic Strategy recommended the redevelopment of NPAC to include an expanded range of facilities and services in order to increase visitation and participation levels, enhance the operational performance of the centre and improve the health and wellbeing of the community.

The NPAC redevelopment will be undertaken in a staged approach, with the health and wellbeing gymnasium to be delivered as stage 1.

What will happen to the existing program rooms?

There are currently three program rooms and one meeting room at NPAC that receive low levels of use. The design  retains one of the existing program rooms as a multi-purpose room (closest to reception), whilst the other two program rooms will be converted into part of the gymnasium.

Group training / exercise classes currently run by Centre Management will be moved upstairs to the new wellness and/or group fitness rooms. Other current uses such as birthday parties and external bookings (i.e. tutoring / educational sessions and meetings) may continue to utilise the downstairs multipurpose room, subject to availability. All casual bookings will be managed on the basis of availability of space, an approach that is consistent with operation of other centres.

Note: The new upstairs group fitness and wellness rooms will also have the capacity to cater for community use / bookings, subject to demand and availability.

Why has 24/7 gym access been included in the design?

The design includes provision for 24/7 or afterhours access to the health and wellbeing gymnasium in accordance with industry trends and to cater for the high proportion of shift workers in Greater Dandenong– making participation more accessible.

The provision of a separate secure entrance and the ability to limit afterhours access to the gymnasium only (and accessible change rooms) provides operators with the option to provide an extended service to members, once they have been inducted on appropriate use etc. Such access will be provided in accordance with industry best practice and include appropriate technologies and monitoring systems.

Noble Park Aquatic Centre