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Rowley Allan Reserve - Final Concept Plan

Following extensive community and stakeholder consultation that occurred during stages 1, 2 and 3, Greater Dandenong City Council has developed a final concept plan for Rowley Allan Reserve. 

The final concept plan was adopted by Council on 27 September 2021. Read Council Minutes - 27 September 2021

The vision for Rowley Allan Reserve is that it shall become a high-quality sports and recreational park that provides facilities and infrastructure for the clubs and the community.

The Rowley Allan Reserve Concept Plan 2021 establishes the long-term vision and direction for this district park in Keysborough.  The plan improves and maximises the potential of the reserve to support the development and provision of sporting, recreational and community facilities.  Environmental benefits are integrated into the overall concept plan to support infrastructure improvements and biodiversity opportunities planned for the reserve.

A summary of the key elements of the final concept plan is as follows:

Sports Infrastructure

  • Netball court area - Stage one (completed in 2022) is a new fully compliant single netball court and a half court, including lighting to competition standards, new shelters and seating. Stage two makes provision for a second full size netball court.
  • Upgrade of oval floodlights. 
  • Warm up and marshalling area for sports competitions.
  • Fully enclosing the cricket practice nets.  
  • Supporting infrastructure, including coaches’ boxes, fencing and netting improvements to the oval and power bollard for cricket nets.
  • Informal parkland to the north west corner allows for the potential future expansion of the bowls club.
  • Northern bowls green – provision for a motorized rectangular cover over the bowls green, with the club and others to meet the cost.


  • A future new pavilion to replace the existing pavilion, with the design to accommodate the requirements of football, netball, cricket, female friendly standards, a broad spectator area, new public toilets and service and grounds maintenance requirements.  The concept and detailed design for the pavilion is subject to a separate future capital improvement project being funded. Community and stakeholder consultation would occur when this project is funded.
  • Retention of the Lapidary and Gem Club building.
  • Existing scout hall to be demolished to make way for informal recreation and picnic area.
  • New two berth toilet to service the playground, informal recreation area and netball courts.
  • Keysborough Bowls Club has no external footprint changes.
  • Recognition of the Scout Hall and Joe Siberas buildings’ former uses, community’s volunteer work and fundraising included in improvements to the park.  

Vehicle Movement and Parking

  • Rationalisation of the car parking and vehicle access to improve open space outcomes. 
  • New formal carpark to the east side of the oval, accessed via Stanley Road. 
  • The northern side of the oval will allow for nose in overflow car parking during events.   Outside of events, the northern path will be used as a shared path and for vehicle maintenance purposes.
  • Upgrade of the western car park.
  • Northern carpark retained

Informal Recreation

  • An upgraded neighbourhood playground
  • New youth activity space with elements such as a half sized multi-purpose court, activity wall, shelters and seating.
  • A senior’s fitness and exercise zone.

Landscape and Environment

  • Provision of a new grassed/planted retarding area for peak flooding to the south-west corner of the reserve.
  • Retention of all existing overland flow paths and drainage requirements to mitigate flooding.
  • Improved path networks
  • Emphasis on increasing the tree canopy coverage across the park.

Implementing the Concept Plan

The implementation of the concept plan is subject to the support and funding of capital works bids as part of Council’s annual budget process.

Download Allan Rowley Reserve - Final Concept Plan - 8.10MB

Rowley Allan Reserve

352-358 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough