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Dandenong Animal Management Plan 2021- 25 Consultation

Council is seeking feedback on the draft 2021–25 Domestic Animal Plan. All Victorian councils must develop a Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) which is renewed every four years.

You are invited to provide feedback on:

  • Animal management services, programs and strategies
  • New orders that could be made to address responsible pet ownership in the community
  • Concerns associated with current council policies on animal management
  • Ideas and resources to assist residents to manage and care for their pets
  • Dogs in parks and reserves
  • How well information is provided by Council about pets and animal management addresses the needs of residents.

Have Your Say

Council is now seeking feedback on the Draft Dandenong Animal Management Plan 2021-25.

How to Have Your Say

To provide feedback on the Draft Dandenong Animal Management Plan 2021-25, please use the form below. Alternatively you can email

Feedback form

The draft plan will be available for review and feedback until 5pm on Monday 20 September.