Arts in Greater Dandenong

Arts and Culture

The City of Greater Dandenong is a vibrant hub for Arts and Culture. From dynamic community led initiatives to high calibre professional presentations Greater Dandenong offers a host of artistic experiences for residents and visitors alike across a range of artforms.

Check out what is happening and the opportunities available to the community, artists and arts lovers and get involved.

The Arts Advisory Board has been established to support Greater Dandenong’s vision for arts and culture across the municipality.
Bringing Arts in Greater Dandenong to your screen.
Presenting a series of exhibitions throughout the year.
Greater Dandenong is home to a diverse and vibrant array of Arts facilities.
Come join our creative programs and workshops and experience what our range of cultural facilities has on offer.
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View all the opportunities available to the Greater Dandenong community, artists and arts lovers and get involved.
We are proud to have a diverse and dynamic collection of public art. Discover the works around you.
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