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The Greater Dandenong region is a powerhouse, home to over 19,500 businesses. This strong business community employs over 114,000 people locally.

Council is committed to strengthening existing businesses and attracting new investment to the region which is why we have a dedicated department in Council focused on business.

Greater Dandenong Business exists to support businesses and create meaningful places so that our community can thrive, champion local businesses and attract new business to the area.

Grants provide financial assistance to support and contribute to a thriving, sustainable business culture.
Read our Business News.
Before you start or change your business, you may need to check whether you need permission from Council or other providers. 
Come along to a business workshop or event to learn skills to help your business thrive.
Looking to start or grow a business in Greater Dandenong? Our Economic Development Unit is your first stop.
Developing and growing your business is often about connections - to customers, suppliers and opportunities...
SEBN delivers practical outcomes through its diverse range of group activities and programs.
The Procurement Unit ensures fairness and good value in Council's procurement process.