Hard waste ready for pick up

Hard Rubbish Collection

Dumping rubbish ruins our public spaces and neighbourhood streets. It’s also illegal. We are asking all households to dispose of their rubbish responsibly. Do the right thing. Book a hard rubbish collection.

Greater Dandenong residents are entitled to one free hard waste collection each financial year.

Book a hard rubbish collection 

Book your hard rubbish collection here

You can also phone WM Waste Management Services on 9721 1915 between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Hard Waste Brochure - 478KB


What happens after I book my collection?

When you have booked your collection you will be given a collection date. Make sure you place your hard rubbish out by 6am Monday on the week of the collection, but no earlier than the Saturday before. 

You will be sent the following:

  • hard waste brochure –  with  information on what items are accepted and not accepted for collection. You can also find this information the below PDF and in the drop down menus below
  • a pink “BOOKED sticker – this sticker must be displayed when placing your hard waste out

What will we collect? (YES)

We will collect the following items:

  • furniture
  • electronic appliances
  • timber (no longer than 1.5 metres and no more than 10 pieces)
  • mattresses (maximum of 2)
  • carpet (rolled and tied, one roll no longer than 1.5m)
  • glass and crockery (securely wrapped and labelled glass or crockery)
  • scrap metal, small car parts and lawn mowers
  • empty paint tins (lids removed)
  • hot water systems, white goods such as fridges, washing machines ovens and stoved with doors removed. 

What won't we collect? (NO)

We will not accept the following items:

  • Tyres and car batteries
  • Engine oil and engine blocks
  • General garden waste
  • Household waste and recyclables
  • Building and renovation materials
  • Asbestos and other hazardous waste
  • Gas cylinders
  • Household chemicals, paint and pesticides.

You can find more information about how to dispose of the items below. 

Download Council's A to Z Waste and Recycling Guide - 1.39MB

Visit the Planet Ark A to Z Recycling Directory - This directory will help you find recycling near you and provide detailed information on waste items.

Where do I put my hard waste?

There are two options to choose from when placing your hard waste out for collection.

Option 1: Putting hard rubbish on your property – preferred option

Place items in a neat pile inside your property in the front yard. If unable to do so, then place items on your nature strip. This:

  • allows you to arrange the item for collection at a time that suits you
  • removes the opportunity for others to add to your pile and you exceeding the 3 cubic metre allowance
  • helps maintain a clean and tidy street.

Collections from inside your property must be easily accessible and within five metres of property entrance.

Option 2: Putting hard rubbish on the nature strip

If you choose to put your hard waste on the nature strip, items must not be put out earlier than the Saturday prior to the scheduled collection week and must be out by 6am on the Monday of the scheduled week of collection.

How much rubbish can I put out?

The maximum amount of waste allowed to be put out for collection is 3 cubic metres.

What happens once I have used my one free waste collection?

Residents can book additional hard waste services throughout the year at their own cost. 

Does it need to go into hard waste?

Reusing items is a great way to look after the environment, save money and reduce the amount of material sent to landfill.

If items are of good quality and in good condition there are several things to consider before booking a hard waste collection.

Council runs a number of reuse and recycle drop off day events throughout the year for small and large household items. 

If items are of good quality and in good condition you could consider selling them on an online marketplace.

Important collection information

  • Please ensure material is out for collection by 6am on Monday. Please do not add to the collection pile after 6am on the Monday.
  • Not all of your waste may be removed on the same day.
  • Your items may be collected by up to two collection vehicles to ensure as much is recycled and re-used as possible.
  • All material collected (including compacted material) is taken to the Knox Transfer Station (KTS) for sorting and recycling.A 'knock back' notice will be placed in your letterbox if any non-compliant items are placed out for collection.