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Recycling and Rubbish

Find out when your bins will be collected.
Find out how Council manages your household garbage, recycling and other waste collections services.
Book your hard waste collection and help us keep it clean in Greater Dandenong.
What goes in my recycling bin?
What goes in my garden and food organics bin?
What goes in my rubbish bin?
Find out what to do with extra waste that can not go into any of your household bins or the hard waste collection.
Victoria’s container deposit scheme is here.
Residents can recycle their soft plastics at conveniently located drop off points.
Find out about Council's waste eduction programs for schools, early learning centres and the community.
Council runs a lot of waste related events.
Report dumped rubbish and littering to Council.
You have a range of waste and recycling bin options available to suit your household needs.
Tips for reducing the likelihood of graffiti on your property and how to clean it.
We need your help to keep the City of Greater Dandenong clean and free from litter.
Find out what businesses need to do to dispose of waste.