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Local Laws

Council makes and enforces local laws to help ensure that people are considerate of each others' right to live peacefully and privately. Local laws may be made in response to legislation, or may be made in consultation with the community to meet local needs.

Council’s authorised officers educate the community about the various state and local laws administered by Council, and promote compliance with them so our city continues to be a pleasant place to live, work and visit.

Current local laws and Incorporated Documents 

General Local Laws

Tree Protection on Private Land Local Law - 234KB

Footpath Activity

Nature Strip Guidelines

Policy - Use of Fireworks 2021

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Request for printed copy of Local Law documents

A copy of the local laws can be viewed for free at the Greater Dandenong Libraries and Customer Service Centres.

Name Standard fee Description
Request for printed copy of Local Law documents $25.50

Per set of documents


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