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The City of Greater Dandenong is divided into 11 wards. Each ward is has one Councillor who is elected every four years by the community. The City of Greater Dandenong has 11 Councillors whose role is to represent the interests of residents and ratepayers. The Mayor is elected each year by the Councillors. 

For more information about the role of local government and the specific roles of our Councillors and Mayor visit the Role of Local Government page.

Our new councillors were sworn in on Thursday 19 November 2020.


Initial and Biannual Returns for Councillors for Prescribed Period - March 2024

Under section 134 of the Local Government Act 2020 a specified person must lodge a biannual personal interests return with the Chief Executive Officer containing matters prescribed by the Local Government (Governance and Integrity) Regulations 2020. Biannual personal interests returns must be lodged by Councillors twice yearly by the end of each prescribed period.

Under section 135 of the Local Government Act 2020, the Chief Executive Officer must prepare a summary of the personal interests information disclosed in the last personal interests return lodged. This summary must be made available on Council’s Internet site and must be available for inspection at Council’s office.

Initial and Biannual Returns for Councillors for Prescribed Period - March 2024 - 236KB

If you would like to view Personal Interests Returns for council officers and members of delegated committees visit the Executive Management Team web page.


Councillor representation on committees, peak industry bodies, community organisations and associations

In conducting the business of Council and representing Council’s interests in the wider community, Greater Dandenong City Council has formal representation and liaison with a wide number of committees, peak industry bodies and regional and community associations.

While the Mayor of the day is typically Council’s key representative, the volume of associations where Council seeks an involvement is such that representation needs to be shared among all Councillors to ensure a manageable workload.

The following link provides details of the organisations with council-appointed liaisons and representatives to committees, peak industry bodies, regional associations and community associations for the current Councillor term.

2023-24 Councillor Representative Nominations - 135KB

Councillor Gift Policy

Councillors adopted a Councillor Gift Policy on 12 April 2020 to comply with new requirements under the Local Government Act 2020.

This policy commits Greater Dandenong City Councillors to act with integrity, honesty and transparency when performing their civic duties and while attending any events or functions as Council representatives. It recognises that the Greater Dandenong community’s confidence in the integrity of Council results from being open and accountable and acknowledges that the acceptance of gifts, in whatever form, can create perceptions that could challenge the integrity and intent of a both a giver and receiver of such gifts.

Councillor Gift Policy

Community Forums and Ward Meetings

Find the guidelines for Community Forums and Ward Meetings below, 

Guidelines - Community Forums - 190KB

Guidelines - Ward Meetings - 190KB

Greater Dandenong is divided into 11 wards, with an elected representative in each ward.
Read more about policies regarding councillors including polices and lists of expenses and attendance.
Learn about our Former Mayors and Councillors.
My priority is to listen more to the community and improve community services and facilities.
My vision for Greater Dandenong is to attract new residents and visitors, support local jobs and businesses.
I am a proud Dandenong resident who has called this great city home for more than 40 years.
I am committed to developing the city’s future and addressing resident’s needs during my time as a Councillor.
Since I can remember I have wanted to be a councillor, serving the local community and helping people.
I have been a local resident for the past 22 years, ever since I have migrated to Australia.
I work to raise the profile of issues facing less privileged members of the community.
I will work for a safer, stronger, fairer community, providing high quality facilities and services.
I believe our council can be the most well-run, efficient and responsive council in Victoria.
I grew up in Keysborough and understand the needs of residents and ratepayers.
Cr Phillip Danh is the Yarraman Ward councillor.