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Corrigan Road Upgrade

Works to alter the line marking on Corrigan Road, between Cheltenham Road and Lightwood Road were completed in June 2019.

The line marking project was aimed at providing a number of benefits to users of Corrigan Road, including:

  • Reducing excessive traffic speeds (recorded along the whole length of Corrigan Road)
  • Providing a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Improve clarity for drivers as there were locations where it was unclear whether the road was one or two lanes wide (which has led to a number of accidents in the past few years)

Such line marking treatments are common within both Greater Dandenong and neighbouring municipalities. Other roads which have similar widths and volumes to Corrigan Road where such treatments have been successful include Gladstone Road in Dandenong North, Browns Road in Noble Park North and Warren Road in Parkdale. On these roads, safety was improved and there was no significant reduction in travel time for motorists travelling at the speed limit.

Since the installation of the line marking on Corrigan Road, Council has received some positive feedback and some concerns from residents in the area.

The issues which have been raised can be summarised within two broad categories as follows:

  • Difficulty/delays exiting from side streets
  • Ongoing concerns about driver behaviour

Council is considering several options to address these issues, which include minor modifications to the line marking at some intersections, increasing the space for exiting motorists to turn and merge with through traffic. In addition to this they are also considering peak time parking restrictions at specific locations to ensure there is sufficient space for through vehicles to pass right turning vehicles, during the busier peak periods.

There have also been a number of queries regarding the road rules relating to the bicycle lanes. Council has prepared a fact sheet to clarify the road rules for motorists.

Council would welcome more feedback from users of Corrigan Road as drivers get used to the treatment.