Greaves Reserve

Greaves Reserve, Dandenong - Draft Park Master Plan

Project Overview

Greaves Reserve is a major district level reserve in Dandenong covering approximately 25Ha. The reserve is approximately 1.5 kilometres west of central Dandenong. Greaves Reserve is bounded by the train line to the north and Eastlink to the west. The main points of vehicle access into Greaves Reserve are from Bennet Street and Sinclair Road.  

The reserve is easily accessed by car, being within proximity to Eastlink, Cheltenham Road and the Princes Highway. There are also regional cycle trails that connect to the park, including the Eastlink trail and the Djerring Trail. There is pedestrian access from the west via the two paths under the Eastlink overpass. The path that connects to Hanna Street provides pedestrian access to Yarraman Train Station.    

Greaves Reserve’s facilities provide for a diverse mix of premier and community level outdoor and indoor sports including football, cricket, netball, tennis, soccer, rugby and indoor skate sports. 

The western section of the reserve has a large bushland area alongside the Eastlink Trail and the Yarraman and Mile Creeks which provides a good spot for walkers, cyclists and birdwatchers as well being the location for the dog off leash area.  

The reserve also hosts a range of events throughout the year, the most significant being the Dandenong Show which is held in mid-November and attracts up to 12,000 visitors.

General enquiries:

The draft master plan has been informed by the adopted 1997 Greaves Reserve Master Plan and the 2017-2018 Greaves Reserve Events Master Plan. Significant infrastructure projects that have occurred since the adoption of the 1997 master plan include the construction of Eastlink and the Eastlink cycle trail, the Djerring Trail and the residential area to the north west of the park.  

The overriding objectives of the 1997 Master Plan remain relevant.  Many of the key issues identified in 1997 also remain relevant and are addressed in the revised 2022 draft master plan.  These key issues relate to:

  • vehicle movement and access through the park needs to be improved
  • pedestrian and bicycle paths need to be improved and connected to park uses
  • pedestrian safety and lighting require improvement.
  • sports precincts – supporting infrastructure for the sporting codes to be enhanced
  • improvements to the provision of car parking options throughout the reserve
  • predominance of organised sport and limited informal recreational facilities
  • limited park infrastructure such as barbeques and picnic areas
  • the events infrastructure needs to be integrated with the park’s overall uses
  • overflow parking areas need to be identified for events 
  • Improvements to the overall amenity of the park are required, including increasing the tree canopy coverage and providing improved access to the bushland area  

The revised draft Greaves Reserve Revised Master Plan 2022 addresses these above issues as well as the following key directions: 

  • providing more recreational activities, such as a multipurpose course and fitness equipment 
  • improving the internal roads in the reserve
  • adding more parking areas
  • developing more walking paths to link all areas of the reserve
  • joining the Djerring Trail through the reserve
  • improving the sporting facilities 
  • developing new infrastructure throughout the reserve
  • improving the landscaping with new tree planting
  • improving park facilities with new toilets, playground, picnic facilities and seating.

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What are the timeframes for this project?

  • Consultation on the Draft Master Plan from 28 March – 28 April 2022, including an online survey, stakeholder consultation and two community Drop-In Sessions at the reserve.
  • Revised Park Master Plan Community Notification – May – June 2022

How will the masterplan be funded?

The community consultation feedback will inform the development of the final master plan and an implementation plan.  

The staging and implementation plan for Greaves Reserve will be guided by the budgetary framework for district level parks and will identify short, medium- and long-term projects. The staging of future capital works improvements to this reserve will represent a significant commitment by Council over the long term. 

The Implementation Plan provides the guidance on both the design and construction sequence that would need to be undertaken to implement the master plan over a ten year plus time frame.  The implementation strategy outlines indicative costs to guide the capital infrastructure project works.  The funding to implement the projects is subject to the support and funding of capital works bids as part of Council’s annual budget process. 

The building projects in the draft master plan would be funded out of the Building Facility renewal program steered and directed by the Sports Facility Plan and Asset Renewal Program.  The upgrade of the playground would be funded through the Playground Strategy Implementation Program.

Who can I contact to discuss this project further?

General enquiries:


City of Greater Dandenong contacts:
Jane Brodie, Coordinator Strategic, Design and Sustainability
Telephone: 03 8571 1433