Greaves Reserve

Greaves Reserve, Dandenong - Final Draft Park Master Plan Consultation

The Draft Master Plan has been informed by the adopted 1997 Greaves Reserve Master Plan, the 2017-18 Greaves Reserve Events Master Plan and consultation conducted in March/April 2022 with the community and stakeholders on the Revised Draft of the Greaves Reserve Master Plan.

Key elements of the Final Draft Master Plan include:

  • providing more recreational activities, such as a multipurpose course and fitness equipment
  • improving the internal roads in the reserve
  • adding more parking areas
  • developing more walking paths to link all areas of the reserve
  • connecting the Djerring Trail through the reserve
  • improving the sporting facilities
  • renewal and updating of infrastructure throughout the reserve
  • improving the landscaping with new tree planting
  • improving park facilities with new toilets, playground, picnic facilities and seating

This consultation has closed.

Visit Greaves Reserve Master Plan for more information and to view the final master plan.

Greaves Reserve

20 Bennet St, Dandenong VIC 3175, Australia