Noble Park

Traditional Owner Name for Link Road Noble Park Consultation

The Noble Park Link Road connects Leonard Avenue and Ian Street, Noble Park running east west beneath the railway station. The road was created as part of the level crossing removal project and does not have an official name.

Council is assisting the Level Crossing Removal Authority to identify a suitable name.  In March council consulted exclusively with the Traditional Owners of the land, Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (BLCAC), requesting their formal support for the use of traditional language words for the express purpose of naming the road.

Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation have formally supported the use of three traditional language words to name the link road.

The proposed names are:

  • Muderra (Moo-Dah-Ra) - Torrential Rain
  • Yoke (Y-O-Gk) - Eel
  • Kow An (Koa-Won)  - Echidna

This consultation has now closed.