Dandenong Wetlands

Dandenong Wetlands

Dandenong Wetlands is located adjacent to the Monash Freeway between Heatherton and Stud Roads along the Dandenong Creek in Dandenong North. The wetland makes up part of the network of parks and reserves that comprises the Dandenong Creek habitat corridor.

Dandenong Wetlands is located in a low lying area that floods during high rainfall events, resulting in the area being undesirable for building development. In the past the area was used for grazing horses and cattle. In 2002, the City of Greater Dandenong and Melbourne Water entered into discussions about turning the area into usable parkland for the community. A landscape plan was developed in consultation with the community, focusing on the development of parkland and wetlands to improve water quality in the Dandenong Creek before it enters Port Philip Bay.

The park now consists of extensive passive parkland, and a series of wetlands which provide habitat for native wildlife and improves the water quality of the creek, along with functioning as a flood retarding basin. Wetland bird life is abundant, including ducks, herons, and birds of prey, like the Swamp Harriers (circus approximans). During the evenings frogs can be heard calling around the wetlands.

Vehicle access to Dandenong Wetlands is off Stud Road and carparking is at Dandenong Stadium.

The park can be accessed by bike and foot via the Dandenong Creek bike trail.


Things to do

  • Try spotting some wetland birds from the bird hide, like a young black swan
  • Ride or take a walk around the wetland on the graveled path network
  • Enjoy the picnic facilities while the kids play on the playground
  • Take a walk along the short boardwalk to the viewing platform at the waters edge 
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Bushland Reserves
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Neighbourhood Playground
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