Rowley Allan Reserve

Rowley Allan Reserve Revised Concept Plan Consultation

Rowley Allan Reserve - Revised Park Concept Plan

Greater Dandenong City Council has developed a revised concept plan for Rowley Allan Reserve.

The revised concept plan has been prepared in response to the feedback received from the community that occurred during July and August 2020. 

The vision for Rowley Allan Reserve is that it shall become a high-quality sports and recreational park that provides facilities and infrastructure for the clubs and the community. 

Improvements to the sports facilities include:

  • Upgrading the netball courts
  • Improving the safety of the cricket nets
  • New pavilion and car park
  • Creating a new wide path around the perimeter of the oval for exercise

Improvements to the park's informal facilities include:

  • Improved path networks
  • An upgraded neighbourhood playground, fitness and exercise equipment for a diverse range of age groups
  • A half basketball court and more picnic and barbeque facilities 

There will also be an emphasis on increasing the tree canopy coverage across the park. 

Rowley Allan Reserve - Revised Concept Plan - 2.1MB

This consultation has now closed.

For any further questions or further information please contact us on 8571 1000 or via email


Council has created a draft concept plan for Rowley Allan Reserve which is located on Cheltenham Road in Keysborough and is inviting the community to have their say on the plan.

The existing facilities at Rowley Allan Reserve include:

  • Football and cricket pavillion and oval
  • Bowls pavillion and bowls club
  • Netball court
  • Neighbourhood playground
  • Seniors Citizens Hall
  • Scout Hall
  • Lapidary Club (Old Caretakers House)
  • Toilet block
  • Annex Hall
  • Cricket wickets

Draft concept plan

Council has prepared a draft concept plan.

The vision for Rowley Allan Reserve is to be a multi-purpose sporting space for cricket, Australian Rules Football, lawn bowls and netball.

Vision Statement – Rowley Allan Reserve

  • To be a multi-purpose sporting space for cricket, Australian Rules Football, lawn bowls and netball.
  • The building infrastructure and car parking is rationalised and made more efficient.
  • Existing major infrastructure such as two car parks, cricket nets and the oval to be retained.
  • Connected by an integrated pedestrian path network and a new tree lined walking path around the perimeter of the oval.
  • Providing community and sports buildings that are flexible in their use for the long-term benefit of the reserve.
  • A new sports pavilion – retained in current location, but a consolidated car park is provided along the eastern side.
  • Netball court – footprint enlarged for runoff requirements, toilets, training and practice area.
  • Respond to the overland flow requirements of the park and catchment.
  • The park will also provide more informal recreational facilities, including playground fitness equipment and multi-purpose court.
  • Increasing the tree canopy coverage across the park.
  • It will become a high quality sporting and recreation park.

This consultation is now closed.

Rowley Allan Reserve

Cheltenham Road 356, 3173 Keysborough AU, Australia