218 Railway Parade Pocket Park

Concept plan

Council sought feedback from the community which helped shape the final design for the pocket park at 218 Railway Parade, Noble Park.

There was strong support for a new pocket park to increase the quantity of publicly accessible public open space within this area of Noble Park.

The main themes and comments received from the community were to:

  • retain the existing trees
  • make it an enjoyable park for all age groups
  • provide a picnic table setting and seating
  • enhance the landscape amenity and biodiversity
  • retain clear sight lines into the park
  • provide a small area with junior playground equipment.

The final concept plan is aligned with:

  • the allocated budget for the 2023-2024 financial year
  • the Greater Dandenong Open Space Strategy 2020-2030 - see section Appendix B: Park Development Standards for Pocket Parks
  • the staging plan that will inform future capital improvement works bids to Council.

The key elements of the concept plan and the implementation of project works are:

Stage 1 works 2023-24

  • new low perimeter wall and edging to align with level changes along street frontages  
  • new gravel path from Pamela Street to a new picnic table setting and seating area
  • retention of existing trees
  • new tree planting, garden beds and grass area.

Future stages – subject to funding

The following projects are subject to future capital improvement bids being supported through Council’s annual budget process:

  • small area with junior playground equipment
  • a 3-piece fitness equipment pod.