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Abbotts Road Upgrade (between National Drive and Railway) Widening Construction

What will the works include?

Greater Dandenong Council engaged Winslow Infrastructure Pty Ltd to undertake work on widening Abbotts Road in Dandenong South. The road will be widened between Taylors Road and Cranbourne railway line.

The works will include:

  • Widening of Abbotts Road to two lanes in each direction
  • Provisions of a new pedestrian path
  • Upgrading storm water drainage and underground services
  • Signalisation modification at Taylors Road intersection (stage 1) and National Drive intersection (stage 2)
  • Relocating overhead powerlines
  • Upgrading street lighting

Why are these works important?

Dandenong South is an important destination for workers in Melbourne’s south eastern growth corridor.

Abbotts Road is one of only a few east-west connections from the Casey residential growth areas into the Lyndhurst and Keysborough industrial area.

Abbotts Road is also a very important freight link.

How will the community benefit?

Widening Abbotts Road will improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

The project will also result in the following benefits:

  • Convenient and safe access for pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists
  • Improve existing intersection arrangement and road conditions sufficiently to provide access to larger freight vehicles.
  • Improved access for buses, emergency and service vehicles
  • Improved public lighting
  • Abbotts Road Upgrade Map
    Abbotts Road Upgrade Map