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Callander Road (Catchment 9) - Drainage Upgrade


What will the works include?

This project is a multi-year program of drainage upgrade works along Callander Road and Kelvinside Road in Noble Park.

The project will involve the installation of large capacity pipes to increase the capacity of the drainage system. This will reduce the overland flow of water through properties. 

The works will affect Callander Road between Jenkins Street and Vincent Crescent, with some additional works along Jenkins Street. 

Why are these works important?

The area highlighted on the below image has had a flood risk assessments and is at risk of flooding. Subsequent flood modelling has shown the drainage system is under-capacity during major storm events, posing risks to properties and residents in the area.

The growth of property development in the area, combined with an increase in rainfall intensity caused by climate change will place further strain on the system. This will see an increased number of properties at risk of flooding.

How will these works affect the community?

To keep everyone safe, there will be road closures and detours in place during these works. 

Properties with affected vehicle access have been contacted directly by Council. Project workers will assist residents to minimise the impact to them, but unfortunately there may be times when residents may get delayed. 

Timelines and Next Steps

Stage 1 main drainage upgrade construction works began October 2022, and was completed early 2023. Following Stage 1 completion it was decided that the existing Callander Road drainage (within the stage 1 area) on Vincent Crescent to Jenkins Street be replaced.

Stage 2 includes completing a raised intersection at Jenkins Street and Callander Road, which is a Local Area Traffic Managment project which was delays due to drainage works completion. Signs and lines will be added late-August. 

Future stages will be undertaken as funding becomes available. 

  • Drainage work - Stage 1 location
    Drainage work - Stage 1 location

Project location - Drainage Upgrade

Callander Road and Kelvinside Rod, Noble Park