Traffic Signals in Dandenong

Harold Road and Corrigan Road - Traffic Signals

Project Overview

It is proposed to install traffic signals at the intersection of Harold Road and Corrigan Road, Noble Park. This project is funded by the Federal Government’s Blackspot Program. The Blackspot program funds road safety measures in locations where there is a history of road crashes.

Turning right into or out of side streets onto Corrigan Road can be difficult, particularly where local collector roads, such as Harold Road, connect to Corrigan Road. This has resulted in multiple crashes involving vehicles turning out of Harold Road.

Signalising this intersection will reduce the chance of crashes occurring and improve safety for all road users.

  • Plan showing traffic signals
    Plan showing traffic signals

When will the construction works be completed?

The traffic signal installation contractor encountered significant challenges during construction due to the presence of existing underground services on the site. These issues resulted in a substantial delay in the project's progress. 

Council worked diligently to resolve these construction issues, collaborating closely with all stakeholders involved, such as the Department of Transport and Planning, United Energy, Southeast Water, and others.

Despite these challenges, 98% of the project works have been completed. As a final step, we have applied for the installation of electrical meters for the traffic signals. This process may take another couple of weeks to complete due to its lengthy nature. We anticipate completing the project by the end of October.

We would like to express our gratitude for the patience shown by the residents in the vicinity during this time. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of the residents and other road users.

How is this project being funded?

This project has been fully funded by the Federal Government through their Blackspot Program. The Blackspot program funds road safety measures in locations where there is a history of road crashes. Council obtained $569,000 for the project.

Can you signalise another or a different intersection?

The Blackspot funding for this project is based on history of crashes. This is the only intersection along Corrigan Road with a crash history which qualifies for funding under this program.

Will this increase congestion?

This is expected to have minimal impact on congestion and is more likely to reduce congestion by regulating right turn movements reducing delays for these drivers and reducing queue lengths.

Who can I contact to discuss this project further?

For any questions or comments, contact Council’s Project Manager Dias Samarasinghe via email or telephone 8571 5309.