Parkfield Cricket Nets

Parkfield Reserve Sports Projects

Project Overview

There are three sports projects to be completed at Parkfield Reserve, which are:

Project 1

Parkfield Cricket Net Relocation 

The Parkfield Reserve cricket net relocation will consist of the construction of a three-lane new synthetic practice cricket nets which are to be relocated to the south-east corner of the Reserve.

The construction of the cricket nets includes generous funding support from the State Government's 2020-21 Community Cricket Program of $100,000, and Cricket Victoria and Cricket Australia's Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund of $30,000. 

Project Completed: October 2022

Timelines and next steps

Construction commenced November 2021 and completed October 2022.


Project 2

Electronic Scoreboard Installation 

Council will be installing an electronic scoreboard, to replace the old manual scoreboard at the reserve for use by the tenant clubs.

Project Completed: April 2023

Timelines and next steps

Construction commenced February 2023 and was completed in April 2023


Project 3

Tennis Courts and Carpark Redevelopment (Design Only)

As part of the implementation of the Parkfield Reserve Master Plan, the tennis courts and car parking will be redeveloped. This year we will commence the design work of the new tennis courts and carpark. 

Project Completed: April 2023

Timelines and next steps

Design completed April 2023

Parkfield Reserve

Parkfield Reserve, Noble Park