Construction of a road with a safety cone

Perry Road Construction and Widening - Greens Road to Pacific Drive, Keysborough

Construction of a road with a safety cone

Project Objective/Scope

The main objective of this project is to reduce congestion and increase safety as well as increase the durability of the road pavement to cater for commercial vehicle traffic.

Construction of the approximately 850 meter section of the Perry Road Between Greens Road and Pacific Drive will be in accordance with the requirements of the Dandenong Industrial Area Extension Developer Contribution Plan (DCP). This includes road pavement reconstruction, widening, drainage, streetlights, shared user paths and landscaping.

Completing this project Council expects to have a safer road environment for motorists, pedestrians, residents, and businesses alike.

To complement the road construction landscaping and shared path are other two other major components which are expected to make the area more eye pleasing and pedestrian friendly. Project will also install new Streetlights and upgrade Storm Water asset as part the construction works.

Commencement of Works

Construction works commenced in September 2023 and is estimated to be completed by September 2024.

Traffic Management and Control

Perry Road is a busy collector road and carries a mix of commercial and passenger vehicles. Key land uses within the works area include Mt Hira College (school), a Sikh Temple and low intensity rural residential. Council will undertake required measures to minimise impact on traffic and notify directly impacted residents/businesses nearing commencement of works on site. Road closures may be required for some of the planned construction works and for such closures preferred detour route is provided below.

Detour Route

The preferred detour route for any closures on Perry Road (both or one direction) is via Pacific Drive as shown.  This route is suitable for all vehicle types.