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Springvalley Reserve Works

Council is undertaking some improvement works at the Springvalley Reserve in Springvale South. 


The former Springvalley Landfill was operated by the South Eastern Regional Waste Management Group between 1993 and 1998. The site is now referred to as Springvalley Reserve consisting of an open space area with path networks and a playground on the site. This site covers an area of 32 hectares and is located off Clarke Road in Springvale South. 

Council has completed a ground water collection drain along the southern boundary of the site and is currently working on improvements to the landfill cap. 

Future years will see more improvements to the parkland with a focus on tree planting, path networks and furniture. 


The works will involve removing cover soils from sections of the reserve and adding additional clay to the clay cap that covers the buried rubbish. This will increase the performance of the existing cap and ensure the site continues to meet Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) requirements.

Possible disruptions

While the northern end of the Reserve will remain open to the public, sections of Springvalley Reserve were fenced off during construction.

Southern access to the reserve will be limited to the public for the duration of the works.

Construction works are now complete.

Timelines and next steps

So far the clay capping of the old landfill has been completed and it is now completely covered with topsoil and compost so that the grass can be re-established before it is opened to the public.

Following the grass establishment will be the later re installation of the paths and picnic tables.

Once all these physical works are completed there will be an opportunity to undertake a master plan to identify future improvements to the reserve.

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    Site map

Spring Valley Reserve

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