Thomas Carroll Reserve Playground Upgrade


Council sought feedback from the community which helped shape the design for the upgraded playground at Thomas Carroll Reserve in Dandenong.

There was strong support to upgrade the playground and provide more equipment for children to play on. Enhancement to the landscaping was also a key theme in the community feedback.

The playground was designed to encourage active, challenging, imaginative and social play.

The concept plan was aligned with:

  • the allocated budget
  • a Neighbourhood level playground.

The key elements of the playground are:

  • new play unit including monkey bars, glide and ride, rock climbing wall, floating steppers, flexible bridge, tunnel, large spiral enclosed slide and a small open slide
  • swings
  • basket swing
  • obstacle-style rope course
  • rotating and rocking WeHopper
  • group spring rocker
  • single spring rocker
  • cubby house with interactive elements.

Additional improvements include seats, fencing, paths and new trees for shade.

Thomas Carroll Reserve

100-130 Box Street, Dandenong