Frank Street

2A Frank Street Public Open Space Consultation

Frank Street

The City of Greater Dandenong is creating a new public open space on the former tennis court site at 2A Frank Street.

During November 2021, the community were invited to participate in a pre-design consultation process, with the opportunity to share their ideas on the design for this new public open space.  More than 230 members of the community took part in an online survey, a series of online workshops, a children’s workshop and two weekend on-street surveys. People freely shared their thoughts, ideas and design preferences for the disused tennis courts at 2A Frank Street. Council was very pleased with the level of interest in this project, receiving a diverse range of feedback for the new space. 

The main themes and ideas that emerged from the community's feedback provided council with clear direction on the design direction for this new open space.   

Key design elements are:

  • A flexible space that is paved and allows for a range of everyday or programmed uses to be facilitated for everyone to enjoy  
  • A high quality landscaped space which provides colourful trees and garden beds
  • A relaxing space to enjoy gatherings with friends and family 
  • A seating wall that extends around the edge of the garden bed and stage  
  • A variety of seating and table options
  • A timber stage  
  • Clear sight lines into the space and is safe day and night. 
  • The use of timber in the furniture and structures 
  • Umbrella sockets will be installed in the paving to allow umbrellas to be used for events, such as a market stall

We invite you to view the design in the link below:

2A Frank Street concept design poster - 4.44MB

Council thanks you for your contribution which has helped shape the design of this new open space.

Next Steps

Council is now progressing towards delivering this project by November 2022.

2A Frank Street, Noble Park VIC 3174, Australia