childrens hands

Kids Co-Design Consultation

Council needs your help to make our community a healthier place to live.

We build places and spaces in the community for everyone to enjoy. We would like you to tell us about your local community so we can create spaces that promote a healthier way of life. 

Children are asked to complete a short survey and quick online audit (with the permission of their parent, teacher or carer).

Tell us about what you think about the places you visit in your community. You will also be asked to provide some information about yourself that will help Council better understand your responses.  

Look around your community and describe places you like to visit by: 

  • taking some photos 
  • drawing a picture of the place
  • recording the sounds of the place as a short audio file 
  • writing a poem
  • writing a list of words about the place as a word cloud
  • taking screenshots of a map of your area and highlighting particular places on the map that appeal to you


Check out Kids Gallery to see some examples of data other kids have collected from their neighbourhoods.

Survey and audit data collected from this project can be found on our Kids Co-Design Consultation Submissions page.

This consultation has now closed.