Children having fun at Little Day Out 2018

Child Friendly Cities

As a Child Friendly City, the City of Greater Dandenong is a city in which all children are valued, respected and celebrated. Council's vision for children ages 0 -18:

  • children are given opportunities to learn and develop their potential
  • families, services and the broader community work together to ensure children are safe at all times and have access to services
  • children have access to environments and services to improve their health and wellbeing
  • children have opportunities to connect with other children, to their family, to their community and to the environment they live in
  • children’s voices are heard through consultation in planning and implementation of programs.

Children's Voices 

We are committed to listening to the voices of children. Watch below as young people answer:

  1. What would a child friendly city look like to you?
  2. Why should adults listen to children?
  3. What do you like about the community you live in?
  4. Why do you think there should be a Junior Mayor?

Some of the ways we listen to children's voices are:


Children's Forum

The annual children’s forum held in children’s week provides children with a platform to engage with Council in a consultative and creative way to express their opinions about the city they live in and their priorities for the city. Giving their voice and options to Council’s strategic planning for the implementation and delivery of Council programs across our child friendly city.

'Things we like in Greater Dandenong' Booklet 

As part of the launch of the City of Greater Dandenong's Child Friendly City initiative, a book showcasing what local children like to do in Greater Dandenong was created.



Children's Consultations

Greater Dandenong children have been involved in numerous consultations and forums. Having local children participating in community consultations is very important in hearing what is important to them. There were a range of case studies reports that came out of these consultations.

The Kids Co-Design Consultation asked children and families to complete a short survey and online audit about their local community so that we can work to create spaces that promote a healthier way of life. 

Children submitted drawings of the things in their community that they believe contribute to a healthy lifestyle, as well as things that could be improved. 

Drawings can be found on the Kids Co-Design Consultation Submissions page. 

Children’s Advisory Group

The Children’s Advisory Group brings together students from the local primary schools within Greater Dandenong as representatives of their wider school community, to talk about the local community, facilities, and activities in Greater Dandenong, and to support Council in its commitment to be a child friendly city.

Members of the group share their highlights:

  • “A highlight for me was getting to make friends with students from other schools, as well as getting to have a say on what happens in greater Dandenong.”
  • “I really like working with other people/students/teachers and collaborating with them”
  • “Just being part of the advisory group because we got to meet new people and getting a say in many things around Dandenong like parks.”

For further information about the Children's Advisory Group, please email

Greater Dandenong children have been involved in numerous consultations and forums.
Greater Dandenong Children’s Plan 2021-26
Each year the City of Greater Dandenong gives one primary school student the opportunity to be the Junior Mayor.
The Kids Co-Design Consultation asked children and families how we can create spaces that promote a healthier way of life.