central Dandenong street

Dandenong Community Hub Project

Greater Dandenong City Council has commenced planning for a community hub in central Dandenong.

This project represents the next step to develop infrastructure in central Dandenong to meet current and future community needs.

Community hubs are multi-purpose community facilities providing a range of complementary services in a single accessible location and generally have a range of shared facilities and functions for the community, groups and organisations. 

Council is committed to engagement and consultation during the development of the Dandenong Community Hub.  

This commitment is also a priority in the recent review of the Local Government Act 2020 and the Act requires longer and more intensive deliberative engagement processes for Council projects.

Council is committed to ensuring the requirements of the Local Government Act 2020 are adequately addressed in community consultation activities and our Community Engagement Policy reflects these requirements.

The policy provides for meaningful, consistent and genuine engagement which provides adequate time for community members to provide informed opinions.  As a result, timelines and milestones for the development of the business case and concept plan have emphasised consultation and engagement in two important stages outlined in our lifecycle on this webpage.

Timelines and Next Steps

Council has commenced the process of the business case and concept plan for the Community Hub in central Dandenong in 2021. 

To support the development of the business case and concept plan,  Council has engaged Croxon Ramsey, a Melbourne based architecture firm, who will undertake the project in partnership with Outside of the Square Creative Consulting, a specialist consultation and engagement practice also based in Melbourne. 

Community workshops and focus groups commenced on 10 May 2021. These sessions formed an introduction and discussion of the overall project.

As outlined through the project lifecycle, Council’s consultant will now commence the development of a concept plan,  site option analysis and a business case. Staged work on these items will be regularly presented to Council  for review throughout development. Once completed, the draft concept plan and site analysis results will be exhibited through an extensive round of community engagement and consultation. Having considered and incorporated community feedback, it is proposed to present the draft concept design and site analysis results for Council’s consideration for endorsement.  

If you would like further information, please contact Marcus Forster – Manager Community Wellbeing via email on Marcus.Forster@cgd.vic.gov.au or 8571 5180.