presents wrapped in brown paper

Christmas paper - It’s a Wrap!

presents wrapped in brown paper

With Christmas just around the corner buying gifts and wrapping them with ribbons and bows is part of the fun.

Last Christmas Australians used more than 150,000km of wrapping paper- that’s enough to wrap around Earth’s equator nearly 4 times. Unfortunately, not all of it is recyclable due to glitter, ribbons and plastics in the paper.

Here are some tips to reduce Christmas wrapping waste:  

  • Use paper wrapping that can be easily reused or recycled rather than foil or cellophane.  
  • Look for wrapping paper which is 100% paper and marked as recyclable.   
  • Try brown paper for a stylish effect. Most brown paper is recyclable and compostable and as it is unbleached it undergoes minimal chemical treatments during production. 
  • Avoid foil wrapping paper and rolls with glitter that will end up in landfill. Cards with glitter or plastic attachments are also not suitable for your kerbside recycling bin. 
  • Get creative with packaging by using old maps, newspapers or magazines, or reusing wrapping paper and gift bags you already have. These will look great under the tree and help you reduce waste.
  • Scarfs or tea towels can double up as both part of the gift and the wrapping. 
  • Use left over wrapping paper to make your own Christmas decorations.
  • Remember to remove plastic bows and ribbons (to reuse) before recycling wrapping paper.

Learn how to make reusable gift wrap and eco-friendly decorations at the upcoming Sustainable Gift Wrap workshop and Scrappy Christmas Trees workshop at Springvale Community Hub.