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Council Documents

Looking for a major document, policy or procedure?

Where possible we have created individual pages for our corporate documents, which means we can make them all searchable and link them to the pages they relate to.

How to use the search and filters to find a document

There are two filters you can use to search for a document this way. The first option is to use the title search which works on entering key words, like the site search and Google.

The second way is to use the report type filter. If you know what type of document you are looking for e.g. ‘Greater Dandenong Dog Off-Leash Strategy’ – it’s a strategy so you could set the filter to ‘Strategies and Frameworks’ and narrow down the search.  

Alternatively, if you happen to be on a page where a major document is being referenced, the link to the document will be in the text and also in the ‘related pages’ at the bottom of the page.

Greater Dandenong's publications include Greater Dandenong Council News and Talking Business.